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Date:2003-08-26 13:05
Subject:Plenty of news :)
Mood: happy

Hello everyone,
It has been a long time since my last post. I was very busy these days working and trying to resolve my problems.
Now I have plenty of things to tell you about, so here we go !

I left Luxembourg, I'm now working in Paris since the end of June.
I wouldn't like living there, it's so polluted and there's too much people. Three weeks ago, I found a flat in Puteaux outside this big city and right now, someone has just called me and asked me to come on Thursday, 28 to sign the papers and get the keys. I've been waiting this flat for more than 3 weeks !! Now I'm sure I deserve it :)
I'll post pics later here.

This is for the flat.. now the job.

I like it, I work as a developper and unix admin for a cool company. It's getting stressy days in days since I'm getting close to the deadline of my current project but I can handle it.
I think i'm paid quite well enough for my age so this is also not a problem, even when you live in Paris :)

My father.. well, now he knows everything, he knows I'm working in Paris, and he also knows that I'm thinking of what I will do of my studies, that I'm still thinking what to do, where and when (which is true). I'll probably do the CNAM which is "on-demand" studies. After work for example.

And now.. the future:
I'd like my girlfriend to live with me, I'd like that we, get real lifes. and I'd also like to work near the beach, say, Nice (Nizza) for example :)

PS: To all my friends, lemme do a few things in this flat and I'll invite you all. At least.. I'd like to see you for my birthday in November :p

Cya !

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Date:2002-12-14 08:24
Subject:Again, I code too much :(
Mood: frustrated

This time,
I was dreaming I took my parent's car and I was driving in some highway,
well, it turned into an accident and the car was taken into a inundation.. blabla
i don't remember all, but i know the dream ended in something like..
I pressed Ctrl-D, sent a BREAK event and I was in the kernel debugger peeking/poking the stack trying to fixup my dream
I'm sure you'll be like "WTF DOES HE MEANS ?!?!?!?!" ...
well, I was probably debugging my brain :>

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Date:2002-12-07 14:43
Subject:I code too much
Mood: enraged

Guys, I definitely code too much..
This night I dreamt I was in some underground, and then in some underground carpark.
I was running, until I met two girls [in 2 pieces swim suit], then we ran trough the carpark,
to some cage.
There was a big panel, with 'Coding cage' written on it, and a giant screen with a task list
scrolling. So we climbed this cage, and I, with one of the girl stopped in the middle of the lattice,
she was looking at me [while I was looking at her boobs], and .. I GOT WOKEN UP BY MY CAT!!!!!
I'VE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!

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Date:2002-11-10 20:08
Mood: happy

Things are going even better, seems like philippe and eric are friends again ! :)

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Date:2002-11-10 13:03
Mood: okay

It's probably the best thing invented after computers.. heh
I'm thinking buying turntables after paying my debts.. *mmMmm*

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Date:2002-11-08 21:44
Mood: happy

my brother (laurent) is back from paris for the week-end, he wanted me help him to choose & carry a fridge to his new appartment (yeah, he broke w/ his gf.. after making her two childs).. this is fuqn cool and, well.. hrm.. nothing.

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Date:2002-11-08 12:48
Subject:Aye... nightmare.

I'm just waking up, still in bed, took my laptop to write this.
I made a nightmare this night, or probably this morning, where the secret of the atomic binary (that's how I call it) was finally found, and where anyone was writing and creating his own shit.
Programming is fun, yeah, but creating a real virus which spreads faster than a speeding bullet, well, that's fearsome.

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